VI Morning Hymn

Great and holy is the LORD the holiest of the holy for all time.2 Before Him goes a splendor;3 behind Him a surge of many waters.’

Loving kindness and Truth are round about His presence;5 Justice and Right are the mainstay of His throne;6 Who has parted light from darkness7 and, through His discerning wisdom,8 turned the glimmer of dawn into bright day.9 (When first all His angels saw it, they sang for joy,10 for what He was showing them was a thing they had known not erst);11 Who crowns the hillsides with produce12 choice food for all the living.

Blessed be He13 Who by His power made the earth, by His wisdom founded the world, by His understanding spread out the skies; Who (first) brought forth [the wind] out of His promptu[aries],14 made [lightning’s for the ralin,15 and lifted the mist[s from the] hori[zon].16

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