Torah Precepts

From a unique document in letter format, which outlines the religious laws peculiar to the sect, and in opposition to the law practiced by the Temple in Jerusalem. This copy in Herodian script dates from the late 1st Century BCE to early 1st Century CE.

Some Torah Precepts, 4Q394(MMT), Column 4
52 and concerning the deaf who have not heard the laws and the judgements and the purity regulations, and have not
53 heard the ordinances of Israel, since he who has not seen or heard
54 does not know how to obey (the Law): nevertheless they have access to the sacred food.
55 And concerning liquid streams: we are of the opinion that they are not
56 pure, and that these streams do not act as a separative between impure
57 and pure (liquids). For the liquid of streams and (that) of (the vessel) which receives them are alike, (being)
58 a single liquid. And one must not let dogs enter the holy camp, since they
59 may eat some of the bones of the sanctuary while the flesh is (still) on them. For
60 Jerusalem is the camp of holiness, and is the place
61 which He has chosen from among all the tribes of Israel. For Jerusalem is the capital of the
62 camps of Israel. And concerning (the fruits of) the trees planted

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