Apostrophe to Zion

Contains parts of 41 Biblical psalms, Apocryphal psalms (including the Apostrophe to Zion) and prose about the psalms written by King David. Palaeo-Hebrew Script dating from 30 to 50 CE.

PSALMS 11Q5 (Psa), Column 22, lines 1-11
1 I will remember thee for blessing O Zion; with all my might have I loved thee. May thy memory be blessed for ever!

2 Great is thy hope, O Zion; that peace and thy longed-for salvation will come.

3 Generation after generation will dwell in thee and generations of saints will be thy splendour:

4 those who yearn for the day of thy salvation that they may rejoice in the greatness of thy glory.

5 On (the) abundance of thy glory they are nourished and in thy splendid squares will they toddle.

6 The merits of thy prophets wilt thou remember, and in the deeds of thy pious ones wilt thou glory.

7 Purge violence from thy midst; falsehood and evil will be cut off from thee.

8 The sons will rejoice in thy midst and thy precious ones will be united with thee.

9 How they have hoped for thy salvation, thy pure ones have mourned for thee.

10 Hope for thee does not perish, O Zion, nor is hope in thee forgotten.

11 Who has ever perished (in) righteousness, or who has ever survived in his iniquity?