4Qcalendrical Document (4Q327)

Frag. 1 col. I[1]

The sixteenth of the month is a Sabbath. On the twenty-third of the month is a Sabbath. On the thirtieth is a Sabbath.
Frag. 2 col. II[2]

On the twenty-first of the month is a Sabbath. On the twenty- second is the feast of oil[3]. There is an offering after the Sabbath. On the twenty-eight of the month is a Sabbath. The month continues with Sunday the day after the Sabbath, Monday the second day after the Sabbath, and an additional day, Tuesday.
Frag. 2 col. III[4]

On the fourth of the month is a Sabbath. On the eleventh of the month is a Sabbath. On the eighteenth of the month is a Sabbath. On the twenty-fifth of the month is a Sabbath. The second of the fifth month is a Sabbath. On the third of the month is the festival of wine.[5]
4Qhalakhic Letter (4Q394 [4QMMTa])

After the Sabbath, there are three days added and then the year is complete, three hundred and sixty-four days. There are some rules concerning God, which are part of the works we are looking at and they all relate to the purity laws. When wheat is offered, Gentiles cannot touch it. No one should accept wheat from the Gentiles. No wheat touched by the Gentiles will be allowed in the temple.
The flesh of the scarifies should be cooked in bronze canisters. Both the meat and the broth of the sacrifices should be taken outside into the courtyard. The sacrifice is of the Gentiles, what we think is a sacrifice is an offering of thanks, which is postponed from one day to the next. Concerning this sacrifice, it should be a man of stature who has a woman with him.
The cereal should be eaten with the fats and the meat on the day of sacrifice. Sons of priests shall oversee this meal so that the sons of Aaron do not lead the people to sin or bother them with it. The priests shall oversee the purity of the red calf, so that all purity laws are followed. Whoever slaughters, burns, collects and sprinkles the ash does so by the purity rituals. This should all be completed by sunset, so that those who have sinned can be forgiven for their sins. This shall be done for the sons.[6]

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