III Plea for Grace

LORD** I have called on Thee; pay heed unto me.1 I have (duly) spread forth my palms toward Thy holy abode.2 Bend Thou, (then,) Thine ear and grant me what I ask,4 nor withhold from me what I seek.

5 Build up my soul, and cast it not down, neither be it left naked5 in face of the wicked Let the evil that I have earned6 be turned away7 from me, 0 Thou Who judgest right truly.8 Sentence me not, 0 LORD** according to my sin, for there is no man living can be justified in Thy presence.9

Cause me, 0 LORD** to understand what Thou teachest;***10 school me in Thy rules,11 that men far and wide may hear tell of how Thou actest, and peoples acknowledge how illustrious is Thy glory.12

10 Remember me; do not forget me, neither involve me in things too hard for me. The sins of my youth put far from me, and let not my transgressions be remembered against me.18

Cleanse me, 0 LORD** of noisome plague,14 and let it never return15 unto me. Let its root wither from me,18 and its l[ea]ves blossom not upon me.

15 Mighty17 art Thou, 0 LORD** wherefore by Thine own power fulfill what I ask; (for) unto whom (else) can I cry that He might grant it to me, and what pow[er] more (than Thine) do mere mortals possess?19

From Thee comes my confidence, 0 LORD** Whenso I have called upon the LORD** He (alway) has answered me20 [and mended] my broken heart; whenso I have slumbered or [sliept or dreamed, [(alway) Have I awoken;§21 whenso my heart has been smitten,22 ~ Thou hast (ever) upheld me,23 and I have had cause to cry out!] “‘Tis Thou, LORD** [hast rescued me!]”24

20 [So, at this present time, I shall yet behold the hopes of the wicked confounded;****25 but no such confounding will be mine because it is in Thee that I have taken refuge.]20 [Ransom Israel, 0 LORD** to whom Thou art pledged,28 even the house of Jacob whom Thou hast chosen.]

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