Hymns of Triumph

Let the [righteous] hail the LORD in wild acclalm,1 for He is (even now) on His way to pass judgment on all deeds, to wipe out the wicked from the earth,2 that the froward exist no more.

The skies will [drop] their dew,3 and blight shall come no more within their borders,4

The soil will yield its tilth in due season,5 and its produce shall not be lacking. Fruit trees will [burgeon and blossom], and springs will not fail.

5 The poor will have to eat,8 and they that fear the LORD will be sated.

Let heaven and earth unite in a chorus of pralse!1 Let all the stars of evening break out in hymns!2 Be right joyful, 0 Judah, right merry and gay! Make thy pilgrimages; pay (in a purified Temple) the offerings thou hast vowed, for Belial shall no more be in thy midst!3

Victory and triumph shall be thine; for lo, thine enemies shall perish, and all evildoers be scattered;4

5 but Thou, 0 LORD, art eternal and Thine is a glory which endureth world without end.5


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