A Formulary of Blessing

For blessing laymen.

Form of blessing (greeting) to be used by the ‘enlightened’ in blessing (greeting) those who fear {God, do] His will, keep His commandments, hold fast to His holy Covenant and walk blamelessly [in all the ways of] His truth -that is, such men as He has chosen to be partners in an eternal Covenant [which shall] stand for ever.

THE LORD BLESS YOU [from His holy habitation] and open for you from heaven the perpetual spring un[failing].

[………………….] in/at your hand, and FAVOR YOU with all manner of blessing, and make you [privy] to that knowledge which is possessed by the Holy Beings.

[Verily, with Him is] a perpetual spring, and He [ withholds] no [living waters from] such a thirst (for them). So that you may too [drink from there].

[THE LORD KEEP YOU from all evil and] deliver you from all [domination by Belial], and may the frenzy thereof be (destroyed) without re[mnant].

[THE LORD KEEP YOU and deliver you] from every satanic (*Hebrew ‘satan’ i.e. adversary) spirit [and from every corrupting spirit].

{There follow three broken lines, in two of which there is a specific mention of ‘holiness’ (or something holy) and the third of which refers to ‘holy teaching.’ This is followed in turn by three more broken lines, the first and the last of which contain specific reference to ‘eternity’ or to something eternal), and the second of which alludes to ‘all appointed times’.}

THE LORD KEEP [unto you the covenant sworn to] your fathers.

{There follow five broken lines containing various elaboration’s of the formula,


THE LORD FAVOR YOU WITH [His salvation] [………] and cause you to delight in peace [abounding].

THE LORD FAVOR YOU also with [……].

THE LORD FAVOR YOU with the holy spirit, with loving kindness [……….].

THE LORD FAVOR YOU also with [His] eternal covenant and [……..] you [……..].

THE LORD FAVOR YOU by visiting upon you just judgment, [that] your [foot may not] stumble [upon your way].

THE LORD FAVOR YOU also in all your works [and in all that] your [hand undertakes] and in all the [……….].

[THE LORD GIVE PEACE to you and] unto all your offspring [……..].

For blessing the high priest.

[Introductory words missing]

THE LORD LIFT UP HIS COUNTENANCE TO YOU and [accept] the sweet savor of [your sacrifices] and choose as His own all them that abide in [your] priestly care, and take note of all your sacred acts and be pleased with all your seas[onal offices, and increase] your seed.

THE LORD LIFT UP HIS COUNTENANCE to all your congregation.

THE LORD LIFT UP upon your head [a crown of honor], and may your [….] [abide] in glory [eternal], and may He hallow your seed with glory everlasting.

THE LORD LIFT UP [HIS COUNTENANCE UNTO YOU] and grant you grace [and peace everlast]ing, and [an inheritance in] the kingdom of [heaven].

[THE LORD LIFT UP your soul and raise your spirit] out of the flesh and [set it] amid the holy angels.

[THE LORD LIFT UP HIS banner and] do battle for you [at the head of] your thousands [against this] iniquitous generation.

[Three fragmentary lines.]

[THE LORD LIFT UP HIS sword for you] to humble many peoples before you [….], and may you not [rely] upon worldly wealth, to become estranged from the perpetual spring, [but find it when] you seek it. [So may He stay your steps.]

[Verily, He establishes the world upon its basis. So] may He establish your wellbeing for ever.

For blessing the priests.

Formula of blessing to be used by the ‘enlightened’ in blessing the sons of Zadok-that is, the priests whom God has chosen to keep His covenant firm for ever, to act as the testers of all matters involving the performance of His rules among His people and to teach then according to that which He has commanded, to the end that they may confirm His covenant in truth and supervise correctly [the performance] of all His ordinances and walk in the way which He has chosen:

THE LORD BLESS YOU from His holy habitation and set you crowned in majesty in the midst of the Holy Beings, and renew unto you the covenant of priesthood everlasting and give you place in the holy habitation.

By your offices may all princes be judged, and all the [lords] of the peoples by your unstained lips.

May He give you as your inheritance the first-fruits of all delights, and at your hand may He bless all mortal designs.

May He be pleased with [all] the steps of your feet, and make you acceptable in the eyes of men and of the Holy Beings.

May He apportion to you [……..] an may you immerse yourself therein. And all mortal […] and delights […].

May He set eternal blessings as a crown upon your head, and fill your hands with holiness and [……].

[Line missing]

May He cause you to do rightly in all your ministrations. For you has He chosen [to perform the office] and to carry out the charge at the head of them that be sacred, and to give His blessing unto your people, and you [has He appointed] that the men of the company of God may be [rendered pure?] at your hand and not at the hand of any monarch or [potentate; and with you He speaks] as a man unto his neighbour; and you are as a ministering angel in the holy habitation. {May you serve ever] unto the glory of the God of Hosts, and may you be about Him as one that ministers in a royal palace. And may you share the lot of the ministering angels {Note: Hebrew ‘angel(s) of the Presence’} and be one in the company of [the Holy Beings] for all time and for all the epochs of eternity. [For He hath entrusted you with] His judgments, and has made you an holy thing among His people, to be as light […] to [illumine] the world with knowledge and to enlighten the faces of men far and wide.

May He set upon your head a diadem to proclaim you holy of holies, for [it is you that evinces His] holiness and shows forth the glory of His name.

And may His Holy Beings [wait upon you].

For blessing the king.

You have been set apart from [all other men] […..] them that see you [….].

May He renew unto you [……..].

[Line missing.]

[…..] who has commissioned you [……] for all time and for all the seasons of eternity. And may He not gi[ve] your glory [to another].

May God [set] the fear of you upon all that hear and tell of you, and be your majesty [upon all that] […].

For blessing the prefect of the community.

Formula of blessing to be used by the ‘enlightened’ in blessing (greeting) the prefect of the community-that is, the man whom God has chosen to represent His power and through whom He renews the covenant contracted with the community, to the end that he may maintain the sovereignty of His people for ever, and [whom He has appointed to judge the needy in righteousness] and to reprove in equi[ty the me]ek of the earth, and to walk blamelessly in all the ways of [His truth], and to confirm His holy covenant when distress befalls them that seek Him:

THE LORD LIFT you up unto the summit of the world, like a strong tower on a lofty wall.

May you [smite nations] with the vehemence of your mouth. With your rod may you dry up the [fountainheads] of the earth, and with the breath of your lips may you slay the wicked.

[THE LORD FAVOR YOU with a spirit of sound counsel] and with perpetual strength and with a spirit of knowledge and with the fear of God.

May righteousness be the girding [of the loins and faithfulness] that of your thighs.

May God make your horns of iron and your hoofs of brass; and may you gore the [iniquitous] like a steer [and trample nations] like mire in the streets.

For God has appointed you to be the scourge of rulers. They shall [come] before you [and make obeisance unto you, and all peoples] shall serve you. By His holy Name may He give you power that you be as a lion [which raventh and as a wolf which smi]tes the prey, with none to retrieve it. And may your charges ride abroad over [all the broad places of the earth].

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